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Marketing Can Be Overwhelming. The Good News Is, You Have Options.

Marketing Can Be Overwhelming. The Good News Is, You Have Options.

Graphic Design

Need a logo, advertisement banner or any other design? Our designers will project the highest quality graphics for you.

  • Creating graphics of all kinds (banners, business cards etc.)
  • Unlimited amount of corrections

Social Media Marketing & Management

Do you want to make it big on social media? Don’t know where to start? GCFinity will take care of your social media channels, make relations with customers and create a campaign tailored to your needs.

  • Brand promotion through constant contact with clients
  • Professional social media channels management


Do you want to start selling online? We will help you choose the right platform for your needs, we will deal with building the store, SEO, marketing, and teach you how to run it and maximize sales.

  • Choosing platform fit for individual needs of the client
  • Building store from a scratch, SEO, SEM
  • Full training in using the store

Cyber Security

The constantly changing global business environment is associated with an increased threat of cyber attacks. We help companies to protect themselves against these types of threats, as well as training them in online security.

  • Extensive cyber security training
  • Help with data protection

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

GCFinity will carefully analyze your website, understand your individual needs and your keywords, and use that information to make a plan which will help your website succeed.

  • Analizing the website and keywords
  • Creating a plan regarding SEO
  • Changing metatags and metadescriptions on the whole website

Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

Thanks to our knowledge, we will deal comprehensively with everything, that will make your website appear higher in Search Results than ever, making your traffic greatly increase.

  • Positioning in search engines
  • Creating campaigns in Google Search

Content Marketing

GCFinity will create valuable articles, materials, and all other kinds of content to draw attention to your brand and acquire new clients.

  • Creating valuable content, for e.g. graphic design, articles
  • Promoting your website and building its reliability

Software & Hardware Consulting

Not sure what hardware to buy? What software to choose? Use our consulting services, and get an edge over your competition, thanks to the latest technological solutions.

  • Consultation on choosing the right software and hardware
  • Training in the use of hardware and software

Website Development

Need a website? Using innovative solutions, we will create a modern site tailored to your individual needs.

  • Creating responsive, modern and fast websites with HTML and CMS
  • 24/7 Website support

Email Marketing

E-mail marketing is one of the best forms of digital marketing. We will create an effective campaign tailored for your needs, to make contact with clients and increase your sales.

  • Creating powerful e-mail campaigns
  • Creation of responsive and innovative email templates

Pay Per Click

Using our many years of experience, we will create Google Ads, Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, LinkedIn campaigns, and use incredibly effective retargeting strategies.

  • Creating effective marketing campaigns
  • Increasing conversion and building brand
  • Utilizing effective retargeting strategies

Reputation Management

We will help you build great reputation online, and also teach you how to deal with different societal reactions, such as negative comments.

  • Reputation building in social media
  • Reputation management know-how training

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